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Tort Law Marketing

How Our Process Helps You
Sign More Clients

Since 2009 we have pioneered mass tort marketing with industry leading innovation and technology developed inhouse through using our teams visionary leadership to maximize time vs money while allowing our clients to maximize case loads with less work and at a fraction of the cost the average mass tort firm pays per a case. Best of all everything we do comes with a written guarantee which you wont get with social media leads, pay per click, tv ads or any other lead provider. We have only focused 100% on exclusive mass tort plaintiff case vetting and acquisition services from the start.

Lead Management Automation

Inbound calls from potential plaintiff victims come into our system for a minimum 32 point vetting process

Case Phone Scripts

Dynamic training scripts to help your staff move plaintiffs through the process

Case Management Software

The qualifying victims are sent from our CRM to your law firm in real time simultaneous with live transfer or signed retainer


Keep your team informed with notifications for inbound calls, new leads, opened emails, and more

Live Call Transfer

We only sell exclusive live transfers with 100% connect rate Live Call Transfer leads

Email Notification

Each lead delivered can be sent to multiple paralegals, agents, or attorneys in real time


We use state of the art Esign to text and email retainer services that yield an estimated 92% sign rate

Retain More Cases

With our written replacement guarantee, we ensure you get what you pay for which no other marketing firm offers


Manage your leads from anywhere with mobile lead management at your fingertips using our lead manager or case management software

24/7/365 Intake Services
offered for all mass tort campaigns

Secure Document Exchange

Leverage the power of client driven secure document exchange for evidence to support the clients claim

Replicated Websites

We build replicated websites that are time tested to convert screened & qualified cases

Mail Package Management

We use proprietary high open rate mailers designed to convert prospects to clients

Referral Tracking

We can help you track both receiving and sending of co-counsel cases

Private Investigator Services

We offer national face to face signing using investigator services who can gather pictures, evidence and other critical case support as an add on service

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Our process has been designed to streamline and automate the marketing process for law firms building large case dockets for all types of individual plaintiff litigation in mass tort. We generate the highest quality backed by the peace of mind, knowing that if our experienced intake specialist do make a mistake that we replace that intake lead to ensure sustainable lasting partnerships with our clients.

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